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New country new internet router

by Jon on June 9th, 2018
in Welcome

Just had a new Internet router installed for a fibre connection. Of course I take a look at the security issues, activate remote administration is off by default, which seems a good thing.

New country new internet router
Router admin screen

Is anything open? I do a remote scan and am happy to find tha no ports seem to be open and it does not even repopond to ping. Good, so many devices are open to the internet and are continuously attacked by people trying to get in (see previous blog).

Windows 10 is chatty

by Jon on January 21st, 2018
in Welcome

Someone mentioned that Windows 10 is pretty chatty, so I thought I would take a look. I don't have a Windows 10 machine so I borrowed my son's laptop and put Wireshark on it. I captured traffic for just under 15 minutes with no applications running.

There were 700k packets exchanged with 67 different public IP addresses. A total of 650MB was downloaded. I suppose nothing about Microsoft should surprise you, but I was a bit surprised!

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